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Crystal Singing Bowls: Sound Healing at Optimum Frequencies

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Crystal Singing Bowls:  Sound Healing at  Optimum Frequencies Since the beginning of time, we have been drawn to sound.  In Buddhist traditions, the singing bowl has been used to begin and end a meditation.  During the ancient times of Atlantis and Egypt sound was used to invoke spiritual energy in

Reiki and The Law of Foregiveness

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Reiki and The Law of Forgiveness   Reiki is an ancient healing technique that originated in Tibet where many believe Buddhist Monks practiced Reiki as part of their spiritual discipline in searching for enlightenment.  It was said that symbols were drawn on the cave walls and the initiates would meditate

Vision Boarding: The Power of Manifestation

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Vision Boarding:  A Powerful Technique of Manifestation What is a Vision Board?   A Vision Board is a pictorial representation of your dream life (CREATING YOUR HEART’S DESIRE).  It is similar to collage art (placing pictures, images, words and phrases) on Poster board or Oak Tag.  The difference between the

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